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There are three variations of the PhotoModeler product. PhotoModeler Standard is the base product. PhotoModeler Scanner contains all the capabilities of PhotoModeler, and adds SmartMatch, dense surface modeling (DSM), and motion tracking. PhotoModeler UAS contains all the capabilities of PhotoModeler Scanner and adds tools for UAS and drone projects.

An overview brochure can be found here.

  PhotoModeler Standard PhotoModeler
Create CAD-like models Yes Yes Yes
Perform accurate measurements Yes Yes Yes
Model man-made shapes Yes Yes Yes
Coded Targets Yes Yes Yes
SmartMatch and Smart Orient No Yes Yes
Dense Surface Modeling No Yes Yes
Time Based Measurement No Yes Yes
Geographic Coordinate Systems No No Yes
Volume Objects No No Yes
Multi-spectral Images No No Yes
Camera Station Control No No Yes

Also see the PMU Comparison page for more detail.


PhotoModeler - castle model

My application is:

  • architectural structure
  • accident scene diagrams
  • crush measurement
  • piping and process plants
  • industrial high-accuracy 3D
  • archaeologic measurement
  • rapid turn-around measurement with targets

PhotoModeler Scanner

PhotoModeler Scanner - Bunny scan

My application is:

  • cliff / rock faces
  • architectural surface scans
  • non-contact curatorial scans
  • forensic boot & foot prints
  • deformation of materials
  • tracking 3d positions
  • any of the PhotoModeler applications listed to left

PhotoModeler UAS

PMU - Mine Site DSM

My application is:

  • quarries / mining
  • stock pile profiles and volumes
  • agriculture
  • height surveys
  • UAS / UAV photo-mapping
  • any of the Scanner or PhotoModeler applications listed to left

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USA & Canada Prices:¹

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USA & Canada Prices:¹

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USA & Canada Prices:¹
Permanent $995us
Yearly² $515us
Monthly $49us
Permanent $2995us
Yearly² $1555us
Monthly $149us
Permanent $3995us
Yearly² $2075us
Monthly $199us

¹ These prices are for direct orders through our web store. For countries with authorized PhotoModeler resellers that handle orders in their region, prices may differ slightly due to taxes and local support. Note the Standard price shown is effective Jul. 15, 2017, and the Scanner and UAS prices are effective Aug. 1, 2017. Note also that lower prices are available for educational use.

² For additional information on yearly and monthly subscriptions see Subscription Information.


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