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PhotoModeler Premium Subscription


PhotoModeler Premium brings the power of Dense Surface Modeling (DSM) to your desktop. Create accurate, high-quality 3D models and measurements from photographs by scanning sets of overlapping photos to produce dense point clouds and meshed surfaces. PhotoModeler Premium has all the capabilities of the PhotoModeler Standard product plus the DSM capabilities, Measurement over time, Coded Targets,  Geographic coordinates, drone/uav support, and Idealize.

The Subscription runs for 1 or 12 months with an automatic renewal on the anniversary of the purchase. See Subscription Policies for details on cancellation and refunds. Your purchase includes maintenance (all software updates and reasonable technical support) while the Subscription is active. Purchase requires a credit card that will remain active for renewals.

Note: This software installs and runs on your Windows computer but does require internet access at least once per month (on or just after the subscription renewal date) to validate the Subscription status.

The License Agreement allows use on one computer. The product includes electronic delivery of license activation code, software download link, and supporting information, available immediately after your order is completed.

Note: this is not the Maintenance Agreement Renewal for permanent licenses.