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Card-backed Letter Sheet System – Main Set

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The laminated card stock Letter Sheets are thin and stiff and are made from heavy paper-based card stock with a robust matte laminate on top.

This Main Set includes eight (8) letter sheets, each sheet with six (6) unique Coded Targets, and 48 individual coaster-sized Coded Targets.  Letter Sheet A is designed to help set up the coordinate systems axes, and all Letter Sheets have scales and edge offsets.

Visit the Letter Sheet System page for further information on their use.

These are intended for use inside, such as on top of kitchen cabinets for counter measurement work. They have a bit of weight such that they usually do not need to be taped down – as long as it is not a drafty area or other possible movements. They are stiff so can be cantilevered a bit. They can be used vertically on walls with a couple of pieces of low-tack painters tape.

The sheets are ‘mousepad’ sized at 21.6 x 19 x 1 mm.  The individual targets are ‘coaster’ sized at 10.2 x 10.2 x 1 mm.

If you are not a PhotoModeler user already, we suggest you download and try the free evaluation software first to ensure it meets your needs.

PhotoModeler Letter Sheet Card Product

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