PhotoModeler Maintenance and Activation

Does this apply?

  • You are activating PhotoModeler
  • You have a permanent (not subscription) license
  • Your maintenance has expired  

You can only activate a version of PhotoModeler that was released before your maintenance expiry date.

For example, you have downloaded and installed PhotoModeler 2021.1 (release date June 3, 2021), but your maintenance expired May 1, 2021. You cannot activate this version and you will receive a warning and activation will fail.

Once the included Maintenance Agreement expires (one year from first activation), renewals are optional. PhotoModeler will run with an expired Maintenance Agreement, but you will be limited to running a version of PhotoModeler dated prior to your Maintenance expiry date. 

What if my Maintenance Agreement has expired?

We recommend that you renew on time to keep your Maintenance up to date so that you can always run the latest version, have access to technical support, and to avoid the increasing cost of renewal over time.

What can I install and activate if I have expired Maintenance?

If you cannot renew your Maintenance, you will need to install and run a version of PhotoModeler dated earlier than your maintenance expiry.  To see your Maintenance Agreement expiry date, run PhotoModeler and choose File / Version and License. 

Installers for older versions of PhotoModeler Standard and Premium are available on our website:

Permanent vs Subscription Licenses

Note that a Permanent License (with or without an active Maintenance Agreement) differs from a Subscription license in that once a Subscription expires the software will no longer run, while a Permanent license allows you to run indefinitely - as long as the version you are running is dated earlier than your Maintenance Agreement expiry date.