PhotoModeler Maintenance Renewal

Your PhotoModeler Maintenance Agreement provides a year of support and all software versions released during that time. All new licenses include the first year of the agreement. Subsequent years have a fee if you choose to renew.†

To renew your PhotoModeler Maintenance Agreement

If your maintenance is within the 30 day grace period of expiry, please choose the link for your product below:

If you are located in a reseller territory as shown in this reseller list, you may also contact the reseller directly for instruction on how to renew.

If you are a PhotoModeler Scanner or UAS customer, you will use the PhotoModeler Premium maintenance renewal (as Premium has replaced both of those products).

If your current Maintenance Agreement has expired more than 30 days ago, please see the renewal fee table and contact

If you have a network floating license or are under an Educational Use Agreement please contact us or your reseller for pricing.


The steps to renew your Maintenance Agreement are:

  1. Purchase a renewal – online or from your reseller as described above.
  2. Wait for the email from the ordering department confirming your agreement has been extended (usually within one business day).
  3. Inside the PhotoModeler software go to Options / License Management…
  4. If you have an internet connection click the “Online…” button in the ‘Renew Maintenance’ box.
  5. Then click “Renew” on the next screen. You will get confirmation of extension.
  6. If you do not have an active internet connection you can use the Manual method – explained further in the software’s Help file.

† Note 1: Your PhotoModeler program will continue to run with an expired Maintenance Agreement – but you won’t have access to support or upgrades. Any issues with licenses (e.g. you are unable to run PhotoModeler due to a licensing issue) are always supported for free even if your maintenance agreement has expired.

‡ Note 2: We do not guarantee that old versions of PhotoModeler will run on newer versions of Windows that were released after that PhotoModeler version was released.