Activation FAQ

Q. What is Activation?
A. Activation is a set of simple and quick steps taken upon installation in order to begin using PhotoModeler. If you’ve used Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, or any of the Adobe products you have already used a similar activation system. When PhotoModeler is run the first time it contacts a central server across the internet to ‘activate’ your software and tie it to the provided activation code.
Q. Will PhotoModeler work if I don’t have an Internet connection?
A. Yes, there is an offline activation method available. If no Internet connection is found during an online activation attempt, or the activation server is not reachable, the software will ask you to do offline activation. You can also go directly to the Offline Activation dialog via File / Version and License / License Management / Offline button (PhotoModeler 2019 and later). The software will provide step-by-step instructions for offline activation. First, you contact PhotoModeler Technologies by email ( quoting your Machine ID (shown at top of the Offline/Manual Activation dialog). and your Activation Code.  Second, your Registration Key will be returned to you as soon as possible by email. Third, once you have your Registration Key, you enter it and your activation code on the PhotoModeler  Offline/Manual Activation dialog to complete the activation. There is an online system for generating your own registration key if you have access to another computer with an internet connection – contact technical support for details.
Q. During activation what information is passed to the server?
A. No personal information or information about your computer configuration is transferred. There is a one-way hash* of some machine configuration data (and possibly the optional email address) sent to the server. PhotoModeler may have an optional registration page and if you choose to fill that out, that information is also transferred during the first activation. If you do not provide the optional information (email address and registration information) then no personal information will be transferred.

*One-way Hash: Codes that identify parts of the computer are put through a special function (called a ‘one-way hash’) that turns the codes into one code number that is unique to your computer but cannot be deciphered (or reverse engineered) to determine what those components are. Only this hash value is sent to the activation server and not the details on the computer parts.

Q. Can I move PhotoModeler to another computer?
A. Yes, this can be done easily. Please follow the instructions in the help file.
Q. Can I use PhotoModeler on two computers?
A. Generally, the license for PhotoModeler is to allow installing the software on one computer for use by one person.

The license does allow for a single user to install the software on two of his/her computers if they are not being used simultaneously. For example, PhotoModeler could be installed on both an office and a home computer if both are used by just one user at different times. Similarly, an office computer and field-use laptop owned and used by a single person is an acceptable license configuration.

If you need to use PhotoModeler on multiple computers with multiple users please contact your reseller or to ask about site licensing or network floating licenses.

Q. Will changes to my computer cause PhotoModeler to stop working?
A. There are no changes that will cause a permanent disabling of the software. Major changes to the computer (disk reformat, changing the CPU or video card being example major changes) will mean that you need to reactivate the software. Reactivation will be a fast and easy process.  We recommend that if you know of the coming change, return your license to the activation server (File / Version and License / License Management / Move/Remove License… (PhotoModeler 2019 and later)) so it can be reactivated easily without contacting Technical Support.
Q. Will PhotoModeler Technologies stop providing activations on old versions of PhotoModeler?
A. No, PhotoModeler Technologies will provide re-activations for all versions of our products indefinitely. Do note that we can’t guarantee that the older versions of PhotoModeler will work on a new operating system, as operating system changes are out of our control.
Q. I have entered my code correctly and have an Internet connection, why is PhotoModeler saying I have to do an offline activation?
A. PhotoModeler cannot reach the activation server. You may be using a proxy server or have a firewall that is stopping the connection. Make sure you have given permission for PhotoModeler to access the Internet in your firewall (see the question below) or if you are using a proxy server ensure that the proxy server settings are correct in the activation dialog.
Q. I wish to do an online activation but my firewall is set up to block such requests. What are the firewall settings?
A. If using a software firewall (for example like the one that comes with Windows) you can tell it to allow the PhotoModeler application to connect to the internet. If you have a hardware firewall or a firewall that requires the IP address or domain of the remote server please contact Eos Support for that information.
Q. How often will PhotoModeler connect to the activation server via the Internet?
A. PhotoModeler uses the internet during the activation process – when it is first run after the install, and when it is re-activated (such as after a disk reformat and reinstall, or if the software is moved to a new computer). In addition, there is a once-daily contact with the activation server (if an active internet connection is found). Lastly, Subscription licenses use the daily contact with the activation server to attempt a license extension at the end of the subscription period. See the question below.
Q. What happens during the daily contact to the activation server?
A. There is a once-daily contact with the activation server (if an active internet connection is found) to a) check that your PhotoModeler version is up to date, b) to check the maintenance expiry date on a permanent license, and c) for a Subscription license to attempt license extension if needed. Note this daily check does not happen if PhotoModeler is not run – it does not happen in the background. The first time PhotoModeler is run on a computer that day, the connection with the activation server is made. If the connection cannot be made then no action is taken and no warning given.

a) If your PhotoModeler version is up to date, nothing happens. If your version is older than what is currently available, a small notice is displayed letting you know a newer version is available for download. Regardless, the software will not stop running.  You can stop the daily checks for updates by unchecking “Check for updates automatically every launch” in the General Preferences settings.

b) If your PhotoModeler permanent license maintenance expiry date is after the date of release of the software you are running then no action is taken.

c) If you are running a PhotoModeler Subscription and the subscription license is expired (such as a monthly subscription that renews July 10th, on the next run of PhotoModeler after July 10th, the activation server is contacted to attempt to extend the license for another month).  If the server cannot be reached, or the payment was not received for the renewal, the license will not be extended and PhotoModeler will not run.  This is why PhotoModeler Subscriptions should be run on computers with active internet connections.