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Moving/Transferring a License before formatting your drive, reinstalling Windows, or changing computers (v2019+)

Before uninstalling PhotoModeler, or reinstalling PhotoModeler on a new computer, or if a PhotoModeler user needs to transfer the license to another user, the license must be moved off a computer. The license is sent back to the PhotoModeler Licensing Server, thereby allowing it to be activated on a new or different computer.

Here are the steps:

  1. On the computer with the currently activated license, run PhotoModeler.
  2. Open License Management by clicking File, Version and License, License Management.
  3. Click Move/Remove License – this uploads the license to the PhotoModeler License server.

Now that the license has been returned, it can be activated on a new machine. You will need the full activation code in order to re-activate the license in PhotoModeler on the new computer.

These steps are for v2019+, and require an internet connection. For information on moving a license in older versions, or without an internet connection, please contact PhotoModeler Technical Support.