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PhotoModeler Letter Sheet Files For Printing

To get the PDF files for the Letter Sheet System (as a zip file with 4 files) download here.


  1. Print the letter sheets from your PDF software at 100% scale. If you wish, you can also measure the printed sheets to verify print scaling (the distance between the centers of the end vertical targets on any sheet should be 139.2 mm, or 5.48 (5 31/64ths) inches. See this document on scale, or contact support@photomodeler.com for additional details.
  2. If you are following the deck tutorial videos, where it mentions offsetting the surface -4mm, this will not be needed if using printed paper targets that have no thickness.
  3. These files should not be used for the standard PhotoModeler Camera Calibration – instead print the target sheets from the program as depicted in the calibration tutorial.