Control your News, New Letter Sheet Targets, and Boat Deck Tutorials Newsletter

Newsletter Sent: Oct. 14, 2021


There are a few news items I’d like to bring to your attention.

Choosing Your News

You can now decide what PhotoModeler news topics you receive by editing your profile. You will probably want to receive news on software releases and on general topics (such as cameras and photogrammetry). Then add the news on your own application area as well. You won’t be bothered by emails and announcements in fields that are not of interest. For example, this newsletter was sent to those signed up for the topics: general, fabrication, and marine fabrication.

PhotoModeler Letter Sheets

If you fabricate parts and add-ons that are flat (or close to flat), and you want to quickly and accurately measure where these parts will be placed (boat decks, kitchen countertops, glazing, etc.), the new PhotoModeler Letter Sheet target system will be of interest.

The Letter Sheet system is a number of multi-target sheets together with a number of individual coded targets – available as a coordinated set. These can be printed from your own printer or can be purchased from PhotoModeler Technologies. These targets provide quick, automated, and accurate measurements.

A new blog post and YouTube video describe the Letter Sheet System in more detail.

PhotoModeler Boat Deck Tutorial Series

This will be of interest to our customers doing marine fabrication work, especially in the area of boat deck replacement and EVA foam decking.

We have a complete set of four tutorials for doing boat deck measurements. These tutorials take you from the initial learning/training stage through to more advanced topics.

YouTube Channel Improvements

The PhotoModeler YouTube channel had some reorganization and some new material added. We understand that many folks search for tutorials and guidance on YouTube, so we are publishing new tutorials there (in addition to our site). Take a look, and consider subscribing so that you’ll keep informed of any new videos we upload!