5 New Things with PhotoModeler in 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter Sent:  Apr. 7, 2021


We enjoy making PhotoModeler and our website more useful to you! We published a new blog post yesterday that outlines news items for early 2021. Click below to visit the post:

Summarizing the blog post:

  1. There is a new PhotoModeler 2021.0.2 release (there have been three releases since the beginning of the year).
  2. We have a new Video Tutorial organization system for both the web and within the program.
  3. The 2021.0 release introduced a new 3D modeling object called the Bent Tube.
  4. There is a PhotoModeler Collision Investigation Training course coming up in June.
  5. We have a few new videos that you might not have seen.

Visit the blog post to find out more.