PhotoModeler UAS

Please note - PhotoModeler UAS product is no longer offered. It has been replaced by PhotoModeler Premium.  You can find out more about the replacement here.

PhotoModeler UAS (PhotoModeler for Unmanned Aircraft Systems) is a version of PhotoModeler that has features for customers executing projects with photographs from a drone or UAV.

PhotoModeler UAS is a super-set of PhotoModeler Scanner and contains all its features. The additional features are aimed at improving accuracy and capability for customers using a UAV.

PhotoModeler UAS applications

  • Stock pile volumes
  • Terrain survey and contours
  • Mine reclamation
  • Accident scene aerial surveys
  • Ortho-mosaic photo production

PhotoModeler UAS main features:

  • Accurate and persistent measure of Volumes with the Volume Object
  • Handling of geographic coordinate systems
  • Handling of UAV GPS data for coordinate systems or as control data (from either image EXIF headers or independent txt/csv file)
  • Accurate UAV camera auto-calibration
  • DEM (gridded and triangulated)
  • High-accuracy, balanced, geo-referenced ortho-mosaic photo export
  • PDF project report

For high accuracy survey with minimal ground control requirements consider investing in a PPK or RTK Drone Unit. These technologies compliment your GPS drone technology to increase camera position accuracy and this can greater reduce the need for GCPs (ground control points).