What Happened to PhotoModeler Scanner and UAS?

November 2018, the PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler UAS products were replaced by PhotoModeler Premium. PhotoModeler Premium is a combination of all features of Scanner and UAS.

There are now two products in the PhotoModeler line up:

  • PhotoModeler Standard – suited to manual, CAD, Coded Targets, and single photo projects.
  • PhotoModeler Premium – suited to dense surface modeling, and UAS projects.

PhotoModeler Premium contains all the features of PhotoModeler Standard. It is a super-set of Standard. No features from UAS or Scanner were dropped when Premium was created. The 2019 release does have a new ribbon-based user-interface (for both Standard and Premium) so it will look different than the 2018 Scanner and UAS.

Which product should you use?  See the Comparing PhotoModeler Standard and Premium page.