Try PhotoModeler

There are two main variations of PhotoModeler:

  • PhotoModeler Standard is the base product. and
  • PhotoModeler Premium contains all the capabilities of PhotoModeler Standard, and adds SmartMatch, dense surface modeling (DSM), motion tracking, idealize photos, geographic systems support, and UAV/drone support. 

More information comparing Standard and Premium.  

For those working with 2D templates and patterns, there is also the 'Capture Addon' for PhotoModeler Standard.

Compare the three products, and then click on one of the Download buttons below. These products run on 64-bit Windows (may run on some emulators). Note the starting prices shown below are for monthly subscriptions, there are other purchase options including permanent licenses.


CAD + Targets

Starting at $49us/month

  • Alternate Arrow Right
  • Public safety
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    Forensics / security cameras
  • Alternate Arrow Right
  • Accurate CAD models
  • Lines, curves, surfaces
  • Coded target automation

2D Template Digitize

Starting at $65us/month

  • Fabrication
  • Digitizing 2D patterns
  • Everything in Standard plus
  • 2D Pattern and Templates
  • Auto-trace of 2D lines