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PhotoModeler Premium Trade Up

$1,698.00 USD


This product upgrades a permanent license of PhotoModeler Standard to a permanent license for the latest version PhotoModeler Premium.

* This is for versions of PhotoModeler Standard after 2010. The PhotoModeler Standard license should also have maintenance that is active, or not more than 6 months expired. A valid PhotoModeler Support/Serial Number must be provided in order to qualify for trade-up pricing. *

If your version of PhotoModeler does not meet the above criteria please contact PhotoModeler sales for your options.

PhotoModeler Premium brings the power of Dense Surface Modeling (DSM) to your desktop. Create accurate, high-quality 3D models and measurements from photographs by scanning sets of overlapping photos to produce dense point clouds and meshed surfaces. PhotoModeler Premium has all the capabilities of the PhotoModeler Standard product plus the DSM capabilities. Measurement over time, Coded Targets, Idealize, Geographic coordinates, and UAV/drone support are included within this package price.

The License Agreement allows use on one computer. Your purchase includes 1-year software Maintenance Agreement at no extra cost, providing all upgrades and technical support, plus a 30 day money back guarantee.

The product includes electronic delivery (via email) of the license activation code, software download link, and supporting information.