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PhotoModeler Premium Network Seat

$2,798.00 USD

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For multiple users sharing one or more licenses. Each user must have network access to a shared folder. This license is not suitable for field use with no internet access.

The License Agreement allows for a maximum of one user session, with installation on any number of computers belonging to the licensee. One unit = one user at a time. Purchase multiple of these to get more than one simultaneous user. See below for requirements. This is a permanent license.

If you have purchased a one-seat netfloat license you can install the program on as many computers as you want, but only one person can run it at a time. Similarly, if you have purchased a two-seat license, you can install the program on as many computers as you want, but only two people can run it at a time/simultaneously.

Your purchase includes 1-year software Maintenance Agreement at no extra cost, providing all upgrades and technical support.

The product includes electronic delivery (via email) of the license activation code, software download link, and supporting information.

Requirements: Please note there are specific computer and network requirements for a successful networking floating installation. A shared folder on a Windows computer (not OneDrive, not NAS) with read/write access by each client computer, and accessed by a UNC path (\\machine\folder) is required for license coordination. For a full set of requirements and install instructions please contact