Submitting 2D Template Base Projects to PhotoModeler

At PhotoModeler Technologies we are committed to your success. When you are in a production environment and setting up your camera digitizing system for the first time, you will want to be confident it is correct. We will help you set up or review your base project.

This service is especially useful for those using the permanent mounted-camera setup, but useful also for those using the moving-camera, reusable setup. For more information on the three different setups, see the Introduction page.

Mounted-camera projects and moving-camera reusable setups have ‘base’ projects.  These PhotoModeler projects are ones you set up once or infrequently. Once you have a base project, you use it to perform repeated template pattern digitizations.

You can upload your base project data (images and measurements) right from within PhotoModeler.  We will review your data, and if suitable, we will run the setup of your base project and return the base PhotoModeler project to you. For a description of how to get ready for this, see the Create Setup videos on the 2D Template Pattern Video page.  If there are issues with the photos or measurements we work with you until they are correct.


Included, at no extra cost, with every year of active maintenance on PhotoModeler is one (1) 2D template base project setups and review. In the first year after purchase two (2) of these reviews are included. Each setup process can include multiple tries. We work with you until the base project is in a state where we think you will get good results.

Yearly Subscriptions get one 2D template base project setups and review per year. Monthly Subscriptions get one 2D template base project set up in the first month of the subscription and a second setup/review after the twelfth month of subscription.

If you send us more than one base project photo sets for us to work on, within a year of your active maintenance (or year of Subscription), then there will be a charge of $145 us per base project.

Similarly, if you do not have active maintenance, each base project review will cost $145 us. We will not charge you without first confirming with you, so you don’t need to hesitate to upload your project. We will contact you by email with a link to purchase the service, and if you decide not to proceed then we will take no further steps.

All data uploaded is kept confidential.