2D Template and Pattern Digitizing Videos

There are six videos on using a camera and PhotoModeler to digitize 2D patterns and templates. You may be interested in watching just a subset:

There are two main ways to configure your camera: a) permanently mounted to a ceiling or wall, or b) a moving/mobile camera configuration. It is easier to get started with the latter, and if you are in a higher-volume production environment you may wish to explore the mounted solution at a later date. Within the moving camera configuration, there are two variations: a) a reusable setup and b) a temporary setup for one-offs, and remote and field capture. For information on the three project types and the Template Pattern Capture capabilities please see the overview page.

Template Pattern Capture Videos

Play the videos by clicking on the links in the descriptions – they open in separate windows.  Also, note that you can change the speed of playback by choosing the gear icon in the bottom right.

Use Photos to Digitize 2D Template Patterns

This video introduces the concept of digitizing and capturing template patterns using a camera and PhotoModeler. [voice over] PhotoModeler 2D Pattern Capture Intro Video

Creating a 2D Template Project with a Reusable Setup

This video is a good introduction to the steps for all 2D digitization methods as it demonstrates start to finish in a simplified manner. The video describes how to create a setup with a moving (un-mounted) camera such that it can be reused multiple times for different patterns.  Similar steps can be used with mounted cameras as well if the camera is unstable or the table moves. [no sound] Pattern digitization on wall in PhotoModeler reusable setup

Digitizing a 2D Template Pattern

This video describes how to digitize a template pattern once the setup has been completed. It describes how to create the 2D data (lines or corrected photos), and how to export to your favorite CAD package. Also see the Auto-Trace video. [no sound] Manual digitize in PhotoModeler

Creating a 2D Template Project with a Mounted Camera Setup

This video describes how to create a new mounted-camera setup. The video assumes you have a mount ready for the camera but starts with the camera un-mounted. [no sound] Ceiling Mounted Camera

Creating a 2D Template Project with a Moving Camera and Temporary Setup

This video describes how to create a setup for one-off pattern digitizing jobs. This might be the video you send to a remote site for the quickest way to get an accurate configuration.  [no sound] Temporary one time digitizing setup

Automating Tracing of Pattern Lines and Edges

This video shows how to set up and use the Auto-trace tool for semi-automated tracing of pattern lines and edges. Auto-Trace is still in beta testing at this time so the methods described here may change. Auto-trace tutorial