Teaching a Short Term Photogrammetry Course

Are you a professor, lecturer, or instructor teaching a course that will use photogrammetry?  Will the students need the photogrammetry software for less than 3 months? And is this course run once per year or less often?

If you answered yes to these questions, you can apply to get free licenses for your students.  Note this is far superior to asking students to download the 30-day evaluation version of the software. The reason is that multiple evaluation requests from one location are often blocked and then direct requests from students for evaluation versions are not returned.  If you ask the students to use our evaluation system (for which it was not designed) you are putting the students in a position where they might not be able to complete their work and assignments. Please use the form below instead.

Since this option is free and easier to manage for you and the students, it is the preferred option.

  • These free licenses are only for teaching and student assignments. They are not for graduate research or any form of commercial use.
  • These licenses are for student end use, not for the instructors.
  • There is no technical support or maintenance provided for these student licenses.
  • It is highly recommended that the instructor own a paid educational license to receive support.
  • These licenses are short term (1 month to 3 months) and then they expire. Each time the course is run, a new set of student licenses will need to be requested.
  • These are standalone licenses (not network-based). One license per student.

To apply for free student licenses please complete the form below. The application below is to be completed each time the course is offered and new licenses are required. Only the number of students in this course should be requested in one form at one time. Please apply at least one month’s lead time before the course start date.

If the criteria above don’t work and you require a more permanent setup (or network lab licenses or similar) please purchase low-cost educational licenses.

If you have any questions please email sales@photomodeler.com.