PhotoModeler Educational and Academic Licensing

PhotoModeler Standard and Premium Permanent licenses are available at a substantial discount for students and educational institutes.

The goal is to allow easy access for research and publication of modern photogrammetric techniques based on PhotoModeler.

The exact pricing is available in the Store Education category.

  • The student or researcher single license price is 80% off list.
  • The Educational Lab Network Floating license provides up to 30 seats in one lab for the price of a single seat.
  • Yearly Maintenance Renewals are 50% off list price.

You may also contact your reseller for pricing if there is one in your territory.

Educational licenses can be purchased by students, professors, instructors, lab supervisors, or by university administration/purchasing departments.  Due to the low cost/margin on Educational products, they must be purchased through the store by credit card.

If you are a student, you must be actively enrolled and attending a recognized university or college. You can be an undergrad, grad, or post-doc. A student can purchase a single educational license.

If you are a professor, instructor, or lab supervisor these products are available as single licenses and also as network floating licenses. An educational lab can run up to 30 licenses of a PhotoModeler permanent license product for the cost of a single license! A lab would be a single location (single room) with multiple Windows computers, all with access to a central Windows server with an open file share (for license management). All computers in the lab would need read/write access to a central file location. Note that all technical support to PhotoModeler Technologies from one lab license must come from one designated person.

To qualify you must complete and submit the Educational Use Agreement before ordering on the store.

If you are teaching a photogrammetry course and need student licenses for a short duration for pure instruction then please visit this page.