Zoom and Pan Tools – How to be more efficient when working with photos

For the new PhotoModeler user, the four zoom/pan mode buttons located at the top right of the toolbar are the easiest to use. However, there are many different ways to zoom and pan photographs in PhotoModeler and you will want to use these other tools to improve your efficiency.

The basic aim in improving your efficiency is to remain in the mode you are working in and use one of the ‘immediate’ zoom or pan tools. These tools are: the ALT-Zoom Window, the CTRL-Zoom/Pan sub-modes, the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys, and the right-click menu. Why does PhotoModeler have so many different tools for zooming and panning photographs? People prefer to work in different ways and PhotoModeler is written to accommodate as many of those styles as possible. We will touch on two of these tools that people will find most useful.

The ALT-Zoom window is brought up by pressing and holding the ALT key on your keyboard when you are in any of the main modes (select, point, line, edge, curve, referencing, measure, etc) and the cursor is over a photograph. You get an immediate zoomed up representation of the photo and its marks in a floating window. You can carry out your selecting or marking in this floating window and then when you let go of the ALT key the zoom window goes away. You can then work on your photograph as ‘zoom-to-fit’ and zoom in quickly at any time to find features to be marked.

The CTRL submodes temporarily allow you to do a ‘zoom area’ or to pan a photograph without leaving the mode you are in. When you are in any of the normal modes (select, point, line, reference, measure, etc) move the mouse to the approximate area that you want to work and then press and hold the CTRL key to enter the Temporary Zoom/Pan mode. At the same time, press and hold the left mouse button to activate the Zoom-Area sub-mode. Drag the mouse diagonally to complete a box around the area and release the button to complete the zoom. You can also pan in any direction by pressing and holding the CTRL key while pressing and holding the right mouse button and dragging the mouse.

Helpful Hint: There is a letter or number in brackets beside the name of each tool as you pass the mouse over each toolbar button. Pressing this number or letter on your keyboard will put you directly into that mode. These are the tool short cut keys. For instance, if at any time you decide to exit a given mode, you can press the ‘1’ key which will put you directly into Select Mode.