Windows 10 “Creators” update causes problems for older versions of PhotoModeler

In early to mid 2017 Microsoft released an update for the Windows 10 operating system called “Creators”, and a security patch labelled  KB4019472.  There have been reports that upgrading to either this Creators version or this security patch may cause problems with older versions of PhotoModeler (older than April 15, 2016 / 2016.0.6 and earlier) – PhotoModeler may fail to launch.

If you experience this issue we recommend the following:

  • Downgrade Windows to the previous version/build, or roll back the security patch.

If not willing or if not possible possible then…

  • If your Maintenance Agreement is valid after/including April 15, 2016:  Update your PhotoModeler software to 2016.0.7 version or later. To find this version of PhotoModeler for download go to our updates page.
  • If your Maintenance Agreement expired between January 1, 2016 and April 14, 2016:  Eos Systems will extend your Maintenance Agreement to April 16, 2017 at no cost so you can get version 2016.0.7. Please advise Eos ( of the details of your license. Upon review, Eos Systems will update the expiry date on our license server and send you an email with instructions on how to do the license and software update – see note below on renewing your local license.
  • If your Maintenance Agreement expired before December 31, 2015:  Your Maintenance Agreement must be brought up to date since Eos Systems can’t guarantee that old PhotoModeler releases are forward compatible with all future Windows updates. Please contact your reseller or Eos Systems to buy an updated Maintenance Agreement.

Updating the license:  If your Maintenance expiry is out of date (e.g. your local license has an expiry that does not match the licensing server), you may not be able to install the new version. To resolve, you will need to ‘renew’ your local license. In the situation where your PhotoModeler does not run, you will not be able to ‘renew’ the expiry date using the PhotoModeler program. Instead run a utility called “RenewMaintenanceSubscription.exe” which will have been installed to your install directory, typically “C:\Program Files\PhotoModeler * Application [64-bit]”. It can also be downloaded from here.  This utility will fetch the new expiry from the license server and update the license stored on your computer. You can then run the installation for the newer version.

Windows OS upgrades/updates will always pose potential issues with older applications.  Issues can even be caused when the PC hardware is upgraded with older OS’s. This has always been the reality of the PC world.

If you have any questions, please contact