When are Photo Sets used?

PhotoModeler’s Photo Sets feature is a valuable tool for working efficiently with projects requiring a large numbers of photographs. In typical architectural or industrial projects, many photos may be needed to capture the necessary detail.

When working on these projects in PhotoModeler, it can be time consuming and confusing to constantly sort through a large number of photos when working on particular sections of the model. Photo Sets can be used to organize photos into groups consisting of photos that provided similar coverage of a section of the object or scene. For example, if you were modeling a building, you might create 4 main Photo Sets, each covering one main side of the building. You can then work within these Photo Sets, consisting of 4 to 6 photos each, to mark and reference points and to add surfaces and other details.

Organizing your photos into Photo Sets can increase your productivity and make it easier to edit and troubleshoot problems.

A tip video showing how to create and use Photo Sets can be seen here.