Synchronizing Cameras for use with PhotoModeler Motion (PMM)

If your object is moving and you want to track the position of it relative to other fixed points, or if the object is deforming or changing shape then you will require multiple synchronized cameras.  The sophistication of the method of synchronization depends at the rate of speed or change of the object.  For low speed/change rates it may be sufficient to have a simple and inexpensive infrared remote that triggers multiple cameras, while for longer distances between cameras or higher speed/change rates it would likely be necessary for you to acquire and implement a more sophisticated triggering solution.

Many DSLR cameras (and also some point and shoot consumer models) come with a communications port and available API that can be used to develop your own program for triggering and synchronization.

Here is one possible candidate for you for a relatively inexpensive hardware-based synchronized camera control product;

There are some other PhotoModeler users already using customized multi-camera solutions provided by this company;

We have used also used a simple infrared remote with 4 Nikon cameras for some projects, but the quality of the synchronization is only suitable for slow movements and changes, and the cameras must be grouped fairly close so that the IR remote triggers them all. It can also be tricky to get the cameras to fire simultaneously, and confirm this (a good idea is to keep a precise stopwatch running in view of all cameras).

There are probably other options easily found with a Google search for synchronized camera solutions and packages.  Finding an option with the resolution and synchronization capabilities, at a frame rate & price point that is reasonable for your application are the primary questions.