Stereo Viewing

One of PhotoModeler’s interesting features is the Stereo Viewing option. This is a fun feature that when on makes the 3D Viewer display a red/cyan stereo anaglyph. With the appropriate colored glasses, you can see the object in the 3D Viewer “pop” out of the screen! This image shows a water bottle model in Stereo View.

The Stereo View can also assist in viewing and reviewing of a project. When viewing in stereo, the human eye can sometimes pick out errors that are hard to see in a normal 2D view.

To access Stereo View, please perform the following steps:

  1. Open a 3D Viewer
  2. Select the Advanced Tab in the 3D Viewer Options
  3. Check the box beside “Stereo View” in the Options section
  4. You can adjust the value in “Offset Between Stereo Views” to control depth effect.