Problems running PhotoModeler on Windows Vista or Windiows 7

If you experience problems running PhotoModeler on Windows Vista (ie problems with the mouse, program freezing, slow performance etc), you may see improved performance in PhotoModeler by disabling some of the user interface features (eg Vista Aero effects).

The following describes how to disable various features:

–        click the Vista Start button
–        right-click ‘Computer’
–        click ‘Properties’
–        click ‘Advanced system settings’
–        In the Performance section, click ‘Settings…’
–        On the Visual Effects tab, select the ‘Adjust for best performance’ setting

This will disable some of the fancy user interface effects in Vista.

We have heard that some of these effects can cause problems with some machine configurations (eg video cards/driver).  Over time, issues like these will be ironed out, but in the meantime, you might want to try to disable the effects to see if it improves your performance.

You might also want to then add back in various Vista features in the list until you start seeing problems again. This way you can narrow down the effect that is causing the problem.

You can search the internet for information on how to disable aero on Windows.