Improving Your Photo-Textures

Adding photo-textures to your model is one of the great features of PhotoModeler. Here are a few tips to help you improve the textures on your 3D model.

  • When photographing the object or scene, take a few extra photographs from angles that will provide good textures
  • Try to get consistent lighting across photographs
  • Use the Materials feature to create materials that grab textures from single photos and sets of photos, and assign them to surfaces that need improved textures

Adding New Materials All new surfaces in PhotoModeler are by default assigned the ‘SurfaceDefault’ material. This material grabs textures from all photos in the project, automatically choosing which photo it thinks is the best source. Occasionally you will find that your model’s textures needs improvement. This can be achieved by assigning surfaces to grab textures from a specific photo or set of photos.

To add a new material:

  • Review the model in the 3D Viewer with Surfaces and Quality Textures on
  • Look for textured areas that could use some improvement
  • Make note of which photo or photos you think the texture should be grabbed from
  • Open the Materials dialog from the main toolbar
  • Click Add Materials, and give the new material a name
  • To assign this new material to grab textures from one particular photo, choose Single Photo Texture from the right side, and select the photo from the drop down list
  • To assign the material to grab textures from multiple photos, choose Multiple Photo-Texture and select a photo set from the drop down list
  • Click the Photo Sets button to create your own photo sets
  • Click OK to close the Materials dialog
  • Using the Select Tool, select a surface in the 3D Viewer or on a photo
  • Choose a material from Materials drop down list in the main toolbar
  • Review the updated textures on your model in the 3D Viewer