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I’d like to model people, human faces/heads, animals or similar organic shapes. Will PhotoModeler work for me?

The product that best suits the modeling of organic shapes is PhotoModeler Scanner. PhotoModeler Scanner differs from PhotoModeler in that it has the capability to do Dense Surface Modeling (DSM), which is used when a large number of 3D points are needed.  The surfaces being modeled need a natural or random texture (or that texture can be applied or projected). 

For more information, please see: www.photomodeler.com/products/scanner/

PhotoModeler Scanner has all the capabilities of PhotoModeler, but while PhotoModeler is capable of producing very accurate, detailed 3D models of many shapes, modeling an organic shape without the DSM tools can be time consuming. It is a matter of practical vs possible. Yes, it is possible but in most cases it is not practical.

The problem lies in the number of points that must be marked and referenced in order to achieve the required detail and accurate surface shape. PhotoModeler requires each point to be marked and referenced in several photos taken from various angles, in order to create a 3D point.

While PhotoModeler is not the best tool for organic objects unless you just want to measure distances between specific points on the object, PhotoModeler Scanner has the capability to model and measure a wider variety organic shapes.