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I get the message “Corrupt installation detected” when I run the PhotoModeler installer.

There are two possible reasons for this error message:

  1. You are trying to run the installation file that is saved on your hard drive in a location with a very long filename and/or directory path. Try to move the installation file to a location with a shorter path and run the installation program again. For example:A long directory path:

    e:/direcory1/directory2/directory3/directory4/directory5/directory6/directory7/Program Files/PhotoModeler/Setup.exe

    A short directory path:

    c:/Program Files/PhotoModeler/Setup.exe

  2. You could be running Windows NT or Windows 2000 with the NTFS file system. Your account does not have permission to write to the Windows directory (sometimes called Winnt). Logon to an account that has better rights, including the right to write into the Windows directory. We suggest you have Administrator Rights when installing PhotoModeler.