I cannot select items in the 3D Viewer.

*This applies to PhotoModeler Pro 4.0 only. PhotoModeler Pro 4.0’s 3D Viewer uses Microsoft’s 3D interface called Direct3D. Many computers have built in hardware acceleration for Direct3D. The problems is due to a bug in Direct3D and its interaction with the hardware acceleration. This problem usually occurs on Windows 2000 systems only. To solve the problem try turning off hardware acceleration (which means Direct3D still works but may be slower).

To turn off Hardware acceleration:

  • Click Start /Run… / and type in dxdiag. Click OK. This will bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Click the Display tab
  • Click the Disable button next to “Direct 3D acceleration”

The status should now indicate “Disabled”. If the dxdiag.exe program cannot be found on your system you may have an older version of DirectX installed (note you cannot upgrade DirectX on NT 4.0). In this case please try the instructions below for reducing general video acceleration.

  • Open the Windows Control Panel
  • Open the System icon
  • Select the Performance Tab
  • Click on the Graphics… button
  • Move the slider on the h/w acceleration control all the way to the left (lowest setting)
  • Close the dialogs and reboot
  • Test to see if the system is more stable