I can get my project to process but the results are distorted.

These are the most common reasons why the 3D model or measurements will look distorted:

  • The camera has not been set up correctly or the wrong camera parameters are loaded. The best thing is to calibrate the camera using the Camera Calibrator program – it is easy to do and will give you great results!
  • The camera was zoomed (focal length changed) during a photo shoot for one project.
  • There are points, edges, etc. that are not referenced/matched correctly across photos.
  • One or more Camera Stations (locations) did not solve correctly. Open the 3D Viewer, turn on the Camera Station visibility and check that the camera is located and pointing in a logical/correct location. If it is not check for correct camera parameters as mentioned above and check for correctly matched and referenced points.
  • A portrait photo rotated 90 degrees was used with a default landscape camera definition. All camera definitions in PhotoModeler assume the photograph is landscape, i.e. image is wider than it is tall. If you have a portrait photograph, i.e. image is taller than it is wide, then you must import it in landscape form so the object will look like it is lying on its side. You can then use the Photo Rotation feature to adjust the rotation to your preference.
  • Some common mistakes for film cameras:
    • Film camera with no fiducials: Incorrectly scanned – scan all prints with no cropping, no rotation, no shifting, and scan all prints pressed against the same two edges of the scanner bed.
    • Film camera with fiducials (frame or Eos insert): Incorrect principal point, or aspect ratio parameters – calibrate the camera.