Does Eos have a cam file or calibration data for an ABC digital camera?

We have some rough calibration data for a few digital cameras, but because there are so many digital cameras on the market, almost a new one every month, it is hard for anybody to keep up. Besides, the camera parameters for one camera will never be exactly the same as those for a different camera, even of the same make and model. They will be close, but never the same, due to manufacturing variances.

The best way to set up a digital camera in PhotoModeler is to

  • Find the true focal length of the lens from the camera specs. If you cannot find the true focal length, then just guess (50mm is a good guess).
  • Perform the format size calculations using your camera, a piece of paper and a tape measure (see “Determining Digital and Video Camera Format Size” in the User Manual or help file – go to index and type “determining” and you will see the section right away).
  • Set the principal point X to be half the format width, and Y to be half the format height.
  • Set all the lens distortion numbers to zero.

You will now have a good approximation to the camera parameters in just a few minutes. Later, if you want higher accuracy results from PhotoModeler, you can use the PhotoModeler Pro Camera Calibration program and then assign the new calibrated camera to the project photos. Remember to calibrate your camera at the same focal length (zoom setting) as your project photos