Unmanned Aircraft System Applications with PhotoModeler

PhotoModeler is a great measurement tool when the camera platform is an unmanned aircraft system (UAS / UAV / drone). While UAS is not a specific application, this page pulls together a number of application areas in one place.

The PhotoModeler UAS product, released Sept. 2016, is focussed on these types of projects.

UAS are ideal for capturing large areas from above, as well as inspecting objects that are high off the ground. Modern UAS are more and more accessible with lowering costs and improving cameras - perfect for aerial photogrammetric measurement that PhotoModeler can provide.

PhotoModeler customers are using quadcopter, hexacopter, and fixed wing UAS from many different manufacturers.

Possible UAS applications with PhotoModeler:

  • Stockpile shape and volume measurement
  • Rock slope survey
  • Accident Scene Mapping and Forensics
  • Geological study
  • Site damage inspection
  • Bridge and roadway inspection
  • Agriculture analysis
  • Property, building and re-development survey
  • Small area topo and contour mapping

In addition the following application pages discuss UAS usage:

UAS blog posts and articles:


Other Examples

Stockpile Surveying

Approx. size of scene 2000 feet (610m) Photos of Keystone WV
Number of photos: 189
Camera: Aeryon Labs Scout
Number of SmartMatch points: 89,000
Number of triangles in mesh: 5.4 million

This project was carried out by Geo-Rhea, a firm in Charleston, West Virginia that specializes in UAS / UAV remote sensing, mapping and measurement. The primary purpose is to determine the volume of coal piles without resorting to expensive, time-consuming and often less-accurate traditional methods. The area shown is Keystone, WV. The project was made possible by the 64 bit version of PhotoModeler Scanner.

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3D Shaded View of Keystone Area with Camera Positions:

Coal area shaded, showing stations

3D Shaded View Close Up:

Coal area shaded, showing stations

Contours of Area:

Coal area shaded, showing stations

Close-up Contours of Area:

Coal area shaded, showing stations

Animated RGB Point Cloud:

A big thank you to Geo-Rhea for allowing us to show this great example of using PhotoModeler Scanner 64, SmartMatch and DSM.

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Compost / Wood Chip Stockpile Survey

This project of a large compost and wood chip operation was completed by a customer using 28 photos taken by a Canon IXUS 220HS carried by a UAS / UAV / drone. This project was processed by PhotoModeler Scanner MVS feature - producing great detail with little user input or work. On the associated Stockpile MVS page you can see these PhotoModeler outputs: an Animation video, an interactive SketchFab model, and some screen shots.



UAS Drone Flying

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