PhotoModeler Tutorial Videos – 2018

Tutorials take you step by step through the various features and capabilities of PhotoModeler. The tutorials are a great learning resource for new users of PhotoModeler, and as well as for seasoned experts. Expand each section to see the tutorial descriptions and links.

These tutorials are for PhotoModeler 2018 and older versions.  See the new PhotoModeler Tutorials as well. Note that the set below is more complete so if you cannot find a newer tutorial for your topic please study the list below.

Pace and Offline Data

The tutorial videos move along quickly, and it is expected that most viewers will use the Pause / Play controls to suit their own pace. The Tutorial Installer page has downloadable installers for all tutorial project data (if you want to try the steps yourself), and all the videos. See Errata for changes to the program that no longer match the videos.

Previous Versions

Videos on this page are mostly based on recent versions of PhotoModeler (v2010 to v2018). If you are running an older version of PhotoModeler, Scanner or Motion please contact support.

PhotoModeler Tip Videos

In addition to the tutorials shown here, we recommend the PhotoModeler Tip Video Category List, which we update regularly with short videos covering other useful features and techniques.

PhotoModeler Tutorial Videos by Category

GETTING STARTED - introductions for the main project types

BASICS - basic capabilities and tools needed in many project types

FEATURES - more in depth descriptions of individual and unique program features

SMARTMATCH / POINT CLOUDS AND MESHES - running automated SmartMatch and Dense Surface Model projects

FORENSICS, PUBLIC SAFETY, AND ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION - various techniques in public safety, accident reconstruction, and forensics

UAV AND DRONE - start to finish methods used with drone and UAV projects