Template Digitize Tutorials and Videos

Tutorials and videos for doing digitizing of 2d templates and patterns.


Getting started using PhotoModeler for 2D Template Digitization

Introduction to 2D Template Digitizing

This video introduces the concept of digitizing and capturing template patterns using a camera and PhotoModeler.

Digitizing a 2D Template in a Reusable Setup

This video is a good step by step introduction to the process of setting up and digitizing a 2D template, start to finish. It is focused on a setup with a moving (un-mounted) camera that can be reused multiple times for different patterns. The method shown can also be used with a mounted camera, where the camera or table might move.

Digitizing a 2D Template Pattern

This video describes how to digitize a template pattern once the setup has been completed. It describes how to create the 2D data (lines or corrected photos), and how to export to your favorite CAD package. Also see the Auto-Trace video.

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Introducing useful and interesting features of PhotoModeler that are used in a 2D Template projects.

Automating Tracing of Pattern Lines and Edges

This video shows how to set up and use the Auto-trace tool for semi-automated tracing of pattern lines and edges. Contrary to the video's title, it is no longer in beta.

Creating a 2D Template Project with a Mounted Camera

Describes how to create a new mounted-camera setup. The video assumes you have a mount ready for the camera but starts with the camera un-mounted.

Creating a 2D Template Project with a Moving Camera

Describes how to create a setup for one-off pattern digitizing jobs. This might be the video you send to a remote site for the quickest way to get an accurate configuration.

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User Interface Overview

Covers PhotoModeler's interface, Ribbon, status bar, and Windows pane interface, and customization.


How to create annotation text and dimension lines on photographs.


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The Outlining tools for CAD-like tracing


An overview of the Outline surface drawing methods and tools. CAD-like drawing capabilities for high quality tracings. See also Boat Deck Tracing.

Outlines Manipulation

Four tools to manipulate whole Outlines: Duplicate, Mirror, Move and Rotate.

Find Surface Trace Photos

Help answer, "What photo do I continue my tracing on?" when working with Outlines and Surface Draw in a multi-photo project.

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Outlines - additional features

Three additional features for Outlines (multiple fillet, set radius, corner to fillet).

Outline Split

Split an Outline Line or Spline into two so other elements can be added, or assigned to different surfaces.


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Tip Videos

Various interesting short tip videos.

Fitted Plane Rotation and Size

A Plane Surface fitted to 3D points is a powerful capability in PhotoModeler. This video demonstrates this plane type, and how one can control the plane's 3D rotation and its trim size.

Creating Plane Surfaces

PhotoModeler can create a planar surface along any axis pair or fit to a set of selected points. The size and offset of the plane can be modified using it's properties.


Demonstrates how to use the Measure pane. Display various types of measurements of objects and between objects.

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Use Photos to digitize clothing patterns for use with CLO

PhotoModeler's pattern capture add-on can be used to digitize pattern templates for use in the CLO (www.clo3d.com) fashion design software.

Default Plane Offset

When doing Surface Draw on a plane that does not match the true surface, due to targets with thickness, this video helps with setting up a default thickness/offset for the target planes.

Surface Draw Overview

A deep dive into all things Surface Draw. Where and how Surface Draw is used.

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