Fabrication Tutorials and Videos

Working with stairs and lifts, kitchens, covers/liners, industrial parts.


Introductory topics on basic features applicable to fabrication.

User Interface Overview

Covers PhotoModeler's interface, Ribbon, status bar, and Windows pane interface, and customization.

Automated Coded Targets

How to run an automatic project with RAD coded targets and offset points. Automatic marking and automatic referencing described as well.

Create Coded Targets

Demonstrates how to print Coded Targets from within PhotoModeler, and other options for creating and using Coded Targets.

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Large Template and Pattern Digitizing

A technique one can use when digitizing a 2D template or pattern when it does not fit in one photograph.


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Background topics to PhotoModeler that most customers would need to know.

Calibration Multi-sheet

How to pre-calibrate a camera for the most accurate results. Solving for focal length, principle point, and lens distortion.

Scale / Rotate / Translate

Use of the 'Imports and Coordinate Systems' tool to set up Scales, Rotations, and Translations.


Demonstrates how to use the Measure pane. Display various types of measurements of objects and between objects.

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Multiple Scales

An overview of how to use and set up more than one scale distance in a project.

Check Distances

How to use check distances and points to check accuracy or to compare to known values.


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Various tools used in modeling in fabrication


An overview of the Outline surface drawing methods and tools. CAD-like drawing capabilities for high quality tracings. See also Boat Deck Tracing.

Using Surface Draw to model a flat complex shape

Use PhotoModeler's Surface Draw tool to model and measure a complex shape that lies on a simple surface. The example uses a kitchen sink cutout but the technique can be applied to fields like boat decking, templating, forensics, building design, restoration, archaeology, etc.

Using Surface Draw to Outline a Pool

PhotoModelers surface draw tools can be used to measure planar surfaces using a single photo. This video shows the steps to define the shape of a pool using a surface draw curve.

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Surface Draw Overview

A deep dive into all things Surface Draw. Where and how Surface Draw is used.

Default Plane Offset

When doing Surface Draw on a plane that does not match the true surface, due to targets with thickness, this video helps with setting up a default thickness/offset for the target planes.

Other Plane Tools

Four useful tools when working with Best Fit Planes.

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Tip Videos

Various interesting short tip videos.

Troubleshooting high residuals

High mark residuals are often caused by incorrect references. This video describes a way to find incorrect references in a manually marked PhotoModeler project.

Expand selection to all windows

Use the expand selection to all windows command ('w' short-cut key) to select all marks and objects associated with the current selection in all open views (photos, tables and/or 3D view).

Ways to Open Photos Showing a point

PhotoModeler has several tools to identify photos related to a point. This video describes their use and different ways to help identify which photos are useful when creating 3D points.

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Merging Two or More Coded Target Projects

Describes how to reuse Coded Targets in multiple projects and merge the projects based on some subset of shared targets. Music by Bensound.com.

Interpreting the Automated Project Processing Summary

There is a lot of useful feedback given by the processing dialog for Coded Target processing. This video show how to interpert that information.


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