Photograph Field of View Calculator

How much can I capture in a photo?

Use this calculator to determine the approximate coverage (field of view) of a particular lens and camera at a given distance. Note this calculates for a plane parallel to the camera image plane. If the object/plane at a distance is at an angle to the camera image plane then this coverage holds only for the distance provided.  Note that lens distortion is also not accounted for which will affect coverage a bit.

Photo coverage and field of view diagram


Focal length:  Note the focal length below is the true focal length of the lens and not its 35mm equivalent (which will sometimes be listed on spec sheets as well).

Format size: You can find information on the format size of your camera usually by doing a  Google search, eg. “Nikon D7000 format size”.  For format size, you can enter the figures directly in mm, or pick one of the presets in the dropdown in step 2b.

Lastly, we recommend for photogrammetry, not photographing right to the edge of the image frame. So we have included a 90% view factor as default which you can override.

1. Focal length mm
2. Format size
2b. Format size preset
3. Distance of camera to object
4. Allowable coverage
Computed coverage
Width out width
Height out height
or as
Width out width alt
Height out height alt
units alt