3D Modeling from Photos

‘3D modeling from photos’ is the process of using a camera to generate 3D data of the real world. There are many applications which require us to generate 3D measurements and 3D models of the real world, from architecture to engineering, construction, fabrication, forensics, film production, archaeology, and art.

The scientific term for this process is photogrammetry.  Photogrammetry literally means ‘measuring using photographs’.  The “What is Photogrammetry Software?” page provides more detail of the software for this task.

What type of 3D models can be created using photographs? As alluded to above, there are many applications for photogrammetry. The “Photogrammetry and PhotoModeler Applications” page provides some examples.

Often people will wonder what type of camera can be used to get 3D measurements and to carry out photogrammetry?  Almost any camera can be used but some cameras are better than others. A mobile phone can be used, all the way to a high-end DSLR. See the “Which Camera to Use with Photogrammetry and PhotoModeler” page.

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