Physical Products Shipping Notes

This page deals with physical shipped products only – ignore for software products.

If you are ordering a physical product in the store you should see shipping options in the Cart and Checkout pages. All software products are delivered by email and by electronic download, and shipping does not apply.

Shipping quotes provided with an address

Quotes for shipping options include the price and usually the expected delivery date for each option.  These quotes are not provided until you provide a shipping address. The quotes will appear on the Cart page if you are logged into an account, or on the Checkout page once your address has been entered.

Accuracy of delivery dates

The delivery dates are estimates. Shipments outside North America can be delayed by customs clearance.  Also, the delivery date estimates assume the product is not back-ordered. If the product is out of stock and back-ordered then you need to add the time for us to get it back in stock.

If the Parcel Post options appear for an international shipment (outside North America) then the estimates can seem quite long. Our experience is that parcel post outside of North America is not as reliable and can be quite slow. Your delivery time may be less than what is shown for the Parcel Post option. FedEx estimates are relatively accurate.


Both the Parcel Post and the FedEx shipping options provide parcel tracking online. Note that the FedEx tracking is better and more comprehensive. The Parcel Post tracking for international (outside North America) can be poor to non-existent.  If you want good tracking, FedEx is the way to go.

FedEx Notes

For residential addresses, FedEx charges an extra fee. Note that the FedEx quote system looks up your shipping address to determine if it is residential.