PhotoModeler Network Floating Licensing

What is it?

A Network Floating License allows multiple user share one or  more licenses.

A group of PhotoModeler users can then share a pool of available licenses without requiring a separate individual license for each user. Network floating licenses are available for PhotoModeler Standard and Premium.

To determine how many seats required in your network floating license you must determine the maximum number of people who will need to use PhotoModeler at the same time, which represents the number of “concurrent sessions”. Example, you may have 10 people that use PhotoModeler but only a maximum of 3 ever use it concurrently. You would then need to purchase a 3 seat floating license. In this example, if there are 3 copies of PhotoModeler open on the network and a fourth person tries to run PhotoModeler, he/she will get a warning message saying there are insufficient licenses at this time. Note: If a user has multiple sessions of PhotoModeler open on a single PC, then each of these sessions uses one of the available network licenses.

System Requirements

Each PC on the network, that is to run a PhotoModeler floating license, must first meet the program’s basic system requirements. In addition each PC must be able to access a Network Share (a disk folder on a central Windows computer set up to be publicly shared so all PCs on the network can read and write files contained within) over a LAN. PhotoModeler is installed on each PC on the network that will use it (so that local speed is maintained) and the licenses are obtained from the Network Share folder (a small and rapid communication). This is done using Windows file sharing protocols.

Pricing and Order Quantity

Network floating license seats sell at approximately a 50% premium over the normal stand-alone license prices to account for the additional flexibility and benefit (eg. with the above example instead of needing 10 stand-alone licenses only 3 floating seats are needed, or a savings of 55%). The minimum order quantity is two (2) floating seats.