Running PhotoModeler on a Virtual Machine

The PhotoModeler License Agreement prohibits the install and use of PhotoModeler on a virtual machine (the Demo, Evaluation and Network Floating versions are allowed).

Occasionally the Virtual Machine check may return a false positive result and prevent PhotoModeler from launching, if certain Windows settings are enabled. The detection system can trigger even if you are not running PhotoModeler in the VM but a VM is detected on the computer. Example virtual machine systems in Windows are Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Platform, Windows Hypervisor Platform, or Windows Sandbox. There may be others:

If you do not need these virtual machine systems you can disable them in your Windows settings and PhotoModeler should run.

  • Press Windows Start or Search button on bottom left
  • Type “Turn Windows features on or off”
  • Deselect check boxes next to Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Platform, Windows Hypervisor Platform, and Windows Sandbox
  • Select OK
  • Select Restart now

More information on these Windows settings:

Contact Technical Support if you have problems with your installation or activation due to the Virtual Machine issue and please specify your Windows version, and any related Windows features/settings.