PhotoModeler Version 4 does not run on windows Vista.

PhotoModeler version 4 was developed long before Windows Vista was available.  Since this time Microsoft has dropped support for some of the internal 3D display features used by version 4.  The error message displayed by Vista is “d3drm.dll was not found”.  Although we have not tested this, we have heard that it is possible to download “d3drm.dll” to make version 4 work (Google: “d3drm.dll missing in Vista”). If you place the dll in your PhotoModeler install directory it should be detected and should resolve the issue.

PhotoModeler version 5 and 6 no longer use this display system and will run correctly under Windows Vista.

Upgrade pricing is available for PhotoModeler version 4 users.  To run PhotoModeler version 4  you can install on another machine or install an older version of windows to dual boot on your Vista machine.