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PhotoModeler crashes or stops responding (error: CoCreateInstance Error Code -2147418133) when I open the 3D Viewer Options dialog, the Preferences dialog, or the Project Status Report.

This article refers to the legacy v6 PhotoModeler version. For a similar issue in more recent versions see this article.

There is a known issue with a control used in parts of PhotoModeler 6 (3D Viewer Options Dialog, Preferences Dialog, Project Status Report) that becomes unstable when PhotoModeler 5 is uninstalled after installing PhotoModeler 6.

There error message mentions: “CoCreateInstance Error Code -2147418133”

Did you uninstall v5 after installing v6? There are a couple fixes for the issue:

Download and extract “registerControl.zip” from http://www.photomodeler.com/downloads/registerControl.zip to your PhotoModeler 6 install directory (c:Program FilesPhotoModeler6). Then double click “regTree.bat” to execute a small utility to re-register the control. When you restart PhotoModeler 6 the problem should be resolved.


Re-install PhotoModeler 6 from CD, then apply the most recent upgrade patch which can be downloaded from here.