How does PhotoModeler Scanner differ from PhotoModeler?

PhotoModeler Scanner provides the tools for you to create accurate, high quality 3D models and measurements from photographs. PhotoModeler Scanner is capable of performing many modeling and measuring tasks, and differs from the base PhotoModeler product by its ability to scan photo pairs to produce dense point cloud and meshed surfaces.

PhotoModeler Scanner has all the capabilities of the PhotoModeler product plus the capability to do Dense Surface Modeling (DSM).

Dense Surface Modeling is used in any application where a large number of 3D points are needed.  The surfaces being modeled need a natural or random texture (or that texture can be applied or projected).  Most applications where a laser scanner works, DSM will work also.

Dense Surface Modeling is a set of tools for extracting and manipulating a dense pattern of points from photographs.  The surfaces in the photographs should have a visible random and/or natural texture and the photographs should ideally be taken in a paired stereo configuration. Dense Surface Modeling can be thought of as a camera-based 3D ‘laser-scanner’.  DSM can obtain detailed surface measurements and models that would not be practical otherwise with point-based photogrammetry.

For more information, please see: PhotoModeler Scanner Overview