How do you run the excellent multimedia tutorials I have heard so much about?

The multimedia tutorials can be run from the PhotoModeler Pro demo or full product. There are 2 ways to access the multimedia tutorials in PhotoModeler Pro 5. When you open PhotoModeler Pro 5, the welcome screen provides an option to view the video tutorials. They can also be accessed at any time by clicking Help / Tutorial Videos.

If you are using Pro 4.0, first make sure that the tutorial help file is installed. Under Start Menu / Programs / PhotoModeler, you should see the “PhotoModeler 4.0 Tutorials” help icon. If it is not there, reinstall from the CD making sure to pick the tutorial install options. Insert the PhotoModeler Pro 4.0 CD in your CD drive if it is not there already (movies are on the CD).Open the Tutorial help file from the icon described in step a). In the help file open up the page “PhotoModeler Basic Tutorial”. Click on the “Overview- Basic Section 1” link.You can see all the voice-over text for this segment at the bottom and if you click on the link at the top called “Show Segment 1 Video”, the tutorial movie will start. If your sound hardware is working you will hear a voice.Follow all the tutorials in this manner. You can run PhotoModeler simultaneously with these movies (easier if your screen is 1024×768 or bigger) if you wish.