Editing Your Configuration File

Occasionally a change to your configuration file may be necessary, to access settings that do not appear on the PhotoModeler Preferences dialog.  For example, Technical Support may suggest a setting to improve the performance specific to your project. It is not recommended that you modify settings in your configuration file unless you are sure you know the specific effects!

To edit your configuration file, open the the following file in Notepad or some other text editor (you may need to ‘Show Hidden Files’ in Windows Explorer to access the AppData folder):


c:\Users\”Your Windows Account Name”\AppData\Local\PhotoModeler\Version 7\PhotoModeler.ini

PhotoModeler Premium:

c:\Users\”Your Windows Account Name”\AppData\Local\PhotoModeler Premium\Version 7\PhotoModeler.ini

Older Versions:

PhotoModeler Scanner:

c:\Users\”Your Windows Account Name”\AppData\Local\PhotoModeler Scanner\Version 7\PhotoModeler.ini

PhotoModeler UAS:

c:\Users\”Your Windows Account Name”\AppData\Local\PhotoModeler UAS\Version 7\PhotoModeler.ini

Once the file is open in Notepad, do a search or scroll down the file until you see the appropriate section like this: “[Section]”

Add or edit the setting appropriate setting under that section heading, before the next section heading.

If the section does not exist, add the section and setting to the bottom/end of the file. Do not place the section between settings in a different section. And make sure the setting is not duplicated in the file.

Save the .ini file and restart PhotoModeler and the setting should take effect.


*Note: Although WinXP is no longer supported, those running the older operating system can access the configuration file via:
C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\PhotoModeler*\Version 7\PhotoModeler.ini