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Can PhotoModeler’s Camera Calibration output be used with other photogrammetry programs?

In some cases, the answer is “yes”, and in other cases the conversion may be fraught with subtle difficulties. There are a number of standards for defining a camera’s parameters. All camera models have the same basic structure of focal length (or principal distance), principal point and lens distortion. How those parameters are defined (esp. with lens distortion) varies greatly between systems, all of which are subjectively correct for that system. There are differences such as balanced vs unbalanced radial lens distortion, and the application of signed offsets for principal point, or other variations. Sometimes when the other photogrammetric system and PhotoModeler do not share the same camera parameterization there are ways to convert between the two. In certain cases, Eos can provide some guidelines for this conversion but there is no guarantee that the conversion will work. Often a fair amount of playing with parameters types and their signs is needed to get accurate camera parameter conversion. This can often be a time-consuming and complex process with no guarantee of success.