About the Developers of PhotoModeler

PhotoModeler Technologies (also known as Eos Systems Inc.), is a software development company headquartered in Vancouver. The company develops and markets 3D modeling technology designed to bring the power of photogrammetry to a wide audience for practical application.

The photogrammetry product is called PhotoModeler.

PhotoModeler Technologies was founded in 1990 (as Eos Systems Inc.), by Alan Walford, as one of the first companies worldwide to bring close-range photogrammetry and image-based modeling to both technical professionals and first-time photogrammetry users. During our 25+ years, we have led the development of advanced 3D modeling and imaging technology.

As the developers of the acclaimed and award-winning PhotoModeler software products, we have applied our expertise to help organizations and individuals model, measure and scan a wide variety of objects and scenes.

For more information about Eos and how our advanced 3D modeling and imaging technology can benefit your product or project, please contact us.