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Animation of Experimentally Derived Structural Resonances
01/15/2009 | Shawn Richardson and Mark Richardson, Vibrant Technology, Inc., Scotts Valley, CA
Applications: All, Engineering & Science, and Industrial Measurement

The vibration response of a model airplane is animated as the result of real-world experimental study of modes. The structural data is captured in 3D by PhotoModeler.

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Using Photo Modeling to Obtain the Modes of a Structure
11/01/2008 | Shawn Richardson and Mark Richardson, Vibrant Technology, Inc., Scotts Valley, CA
Sounds & Vibration
Applications: All, Engineering & Science, and Industrial Measurement

Photo modeling technology has progressed to the point where a dimensionally accurate 3D model can be economically constructed from a series of digital photographs of a structure. We show in this article how a photo model of a structure can be used to create an FEA model from which the modes of the structure can be calculated. The FEA mode shapes obtained from the photo models are then compared with the experimentally derived mode shapes of each structure to demonstrate the validity of this approach to FEA modeling.

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Close Up on Technology: Part Inspection – 3D Part Inspection Is a Snapshot Away
07/01/2006 | Joseph A. Grande
Plastics Technology
Applications: All and Industrial Measurement

“A non-contact inspection system uses digital photography for accurate three-dimensional measurement of plastic parts. Developed by Eos Systems, this method is being employed in application development by plastics companies like Bayer MaterialScience. A major advantage of the PhotoModeler system is affordability…”

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Photographs Generate Accurate Field Measurements
05/01/2006 | Frank Hartley
Offshore Magazine
Applications: All, Engineering & Science, and Industrial Measurement

Another method to collect field measurements for equipment in the field, and a direct way to generate new 3D CAD models, is to take some pictures. Shan Pehlman, design engineer with CDI Corp., says he derives accurate measurements from ordinary photographs through desktop software called PhotoModeler, developed by Eos Systems Inc. When consulting with oil refineries on replacing an aging pipeline, as-built drawings of the old infrastructure may not be available for his reference.

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Developing a Photogrammetry Based System for Measuring As Assembled Suspension Geometry
2006 | Andre D. Powell, Colorado State University, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Applications: All and Industrial Measurement

A measurement system based on photogrammetry was developed and used to measure the “as assembled” geometry of a double wishbone suspension. A standard methodology for photographing the suspension and special targets were developed to use with commercial photogrammetry software (PhotoModeler Pro 5). Several types of targets were developed these included targets to identify the center of rotation of the linkages and the orientation of the wheel mounting surface.

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Design and Flight Testing of Inflatable Wings with Wing Warping
01/01/2005 | Jamey D. Jacob, Andrew Simpson, and Suzanne Smith, University of Kentucky
Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc
Applications: All, Industrial Measurement, and UAS / UAV / Drone

“The paper presents work on testing of inflatable wings for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Inflatable wing history and recent research is discussed. Design and construction of inflatable wings is then covered, along with ground and flight testing”

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Close Range Photogrammetry and Next Generation Spacecraft
05/01/2002 | Richard Pappa
Professional Surveyor Magazine
Applications: All, Engineering & Science, Industrial Measurement, and Magazine Articles

“I chose PhotoModeler Pro from Eos Systems Inc., of Vancouver, Canada. It proved to be easy to use and well documented. The program has worked very well from day one, and I have been very pleased with its accuracy, reliability and user friendliness.”

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Measuring a Geometry by Photogrammetry: Evaluation of the Approach in View of Experimental Modal Analysis on Automotive Structures
04/30/2001 | Benoit Dierckx and Christophe De Veuster, LMS International, and Pierre-Alain Guidault, ENS Cachan
SAE 2001-01-1473
Applications: All, Forensics & Accident Recon., and Industrial Measurement

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the use of 3D photogrammetric modelling in the context of modal testing of automotive structures.

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Accuracy Study on Photogrammetry of a 5m Inflatable Space Antenna With Consumer Digital Cameras
2000 | Richard S. Pappa, NASA Langley Research Center, Louis R. Giersch, George Washington University and Jessica M. Quagliaroli, University of Connecticut, USA
Applications: Accuracy, All, Engineering & Science, and Industrial Measurement

NASA’s Gossamer Spacecraft Initiative has been evaluating optical structural testing and validation, with the leading candidate technology being photogrammetry. This paper discusses photogrammetric measurements of a 5m-diameter inflatable space antenna using four Kodak DC290 (2.1 megapixel) digital cameras. The study had two objectives: to determine the photogrammetric measurement precision obtained using multiple consumer-grade digital cameras, and to gain experience with new commercial photogrammetry software packages, specifically PhotoModeler Pro from Eos Systems, Inc.

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