Biology Applications with PhotoModeler

The applications for PhotoModeler Scanner in medicine and biology are in morphological measurements using 3D surfaces and point cloud measurements. Analyzing and tracking scoliosis, foot shape, and other deformities are some possibilities.


Animal Skull Scan

A skull from a mammal bone collection. It is the skull of canis familiaris.

Skull Screen Shot

This project was created by Jan Wesbuer. It has 16 photos and 8 point clouds. The resulting model has 21,000 3D points.

This image is a screen shot of PhotoModeler Scanner showing a textured 3D point cloud, a 3D textured surface model and 2 of the 16 photos.

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Skull 3D Animation

This animation of the textured point cloud was created and exported entirely by PhotoModeler Scanner. [Note that in this animation only 3D points are rendered (as small solid-colored discs) and no surfaces appear - hence the sparkle look.]


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Human Back

Back model PhotoModeler screenshot

In this project four synchronized cameras were used to capture the patient's back along with some coded targets. It is very important to use synchronized cameras with moving subjects.



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Back model PhotoModeler 3D Animation

This animation shows the shaded surface model of the patient's back rotating.




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PhotoModeler Back Model Screen Shot

This screen shot is of a back with scoliosis. The angle of the 3D Viewer is set so that the spinal curvature is obvious. Contours generated by PhotoModeler Scanner may also assist with the analysis.





PhotoModeler Tortoise Model Screen Shot

"Reconstructing the three-dimensional (3D) form of living organisms in their natural habitat is a challenge and, currently, there are no methods enabling reconstruction over a wide range of field conditions and animal sizes and forms."

The research team of Ylenia Chiari, Bing Wang, Holly Rushmeier, and Adalgisa Caccone from Yale overcame this challenge by using PhotoModeler. The quote above starts their accompanying paper (480KB pdf). When they started this project they did not have access to PhotoModeler Scanner so they used another scanning method in conjunction with the base PhotoModeler product. The Scanner results shown above were completed after the paper was published and show that PhotoModeler Scanner would have fit well into their work.

Some Customers

  • Henry Ford Medical Center
  • ISE-M Université, Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution, France
  • North Carolina State University
  • Oregon State University Pinniped Ecology Applied Research Lab
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus
  • Università degli Studi del Molise - di Scienze Animali, Italy
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • University of Geneva, Dept of Zoology & Animal Biology - Switzerland
  • University of Pretoria, Department of Zoology & Entomology, South Africa

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