The PhotoModeler for your needs.

PhotoModeler is the base product. PhotoModeler Scanner contains all the capabilities of PhotoModeler, and adds SmartMatch, scanning and dense surface modeling (DSM). PhotoModeler Motion contains all the capabilities of PhotoModeler Scanner and adds measurement over time.

  PhotoModeler PhotoModeler
Create CAD-like models Yes Yes Yes
Perform accurate measurements Yes Yes Yes
Model man-made shapes Yes Yes Yes
Print and use Coded Targets Yes Yes Yes
Automate Projects Yes Yes Yes
Model organic and natural shapes No Yes Yes
Dense Surface Modeling (DSM) No Yes Yes
SmartMatch No Yes Yes
Time Based Measurement No No Yes


PhotoModeler - castle model

My application is:

  • architectural structure
  • accident scene diagrams
  • crush measurement
  • piping and process plants
  • industrial high-accuracy 3D
  • archaeologic measurement
  • rapid turn-around measurement with targets

PhotoModeler Scanner

PM Scanner - Mine Site DSM

My application is:

  • quarries / mining
  • stock pile profiles and volumes
  • cliff / rock faces
  • UAS / UAV photo-mapping
  • architectural surface scans
  • non-contact curatorial scans
  • forensic boot & foot prints
  • any of the PhotoModeler applications listed to left

PhotoModeler Motion

PM Motion Paper Animation

My application is:

  • deformation of materials
  • tracking 3d positions
  • measuring volumes over time
  • any of the Scanner or PhotoModeler applications listed to left

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USA & Canada Price:¹

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USA & Canada Price:¹

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  • Camera bundles and accessories (such as slides and evidence markers) are described on the Other Products page.

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